Help guide new ventures

Our Advisors help us guide new ventures through our stage-gate process. The ideal candidate for an Advisor is someone who has had experience with entrepreneurship, has a minimum of 1-2 years work experience, and is passionate about giving back to the Northeastern University community

Venture Advisors

Venture Advisors have the opportunity to work with ventures that align more with their area of expertise and will have a one on one relationship with a venture. You are expected to check in regularly, and should have an ongoing, working relationship with your venture. As a Venture Advisor, you will have the opportunity to dive deep into helping entrepreneurs solve problems about their business model.

Ready Stage Advisors

Ready Stage Advisors will not have a designated venture, but instead, they will work with any venture that need insight, mostly through weekly coaching sessions. Ventures going through the program will sign-up for meetings with their Advisors, and you will be there to help answer questions.

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