The Process

Become a venture and build your business.



A focus on customer validation

In the first stage, the IDEA process focuses on understanding the scope of the problem by validating it with customers, designing a solution, and conducting an initial competitive analysis.

Some available resources in the Ready Stage include advisor office hours, workshops and events, templates and guides, and the Prototype Fund.



Build your business model

In the second stage, ventures work to develop their business model. This includes establishing their initial product or service, considering revenue models, and creating a go-to-market strategy.

Some resources that are available in the Set Stage are business model guides, access to service providers, and being connected with an IDEA advisor for one-on-one mentorship.


Bring your business to life

In the last stage of the IDEA acceleration process, ventures begin executing on venture milestones to scale their companies in preparation for raising external capital, joining another accelerator, or becoming self-sustained on revenue.

Some resources that are available in the Go Stage include the Gap Fund, which is up to $30,000 in non-equity grant funding to fill a gap for your business, and access to the McCarthy’s Venture Mentoring Network.

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